Best Stormwater Design Outsourcing services at EPO Industry

Best Stormwater Design Outsourcing services at EPO Industry

Stormwater Design Outsourcing services at EPO Industry, we are striving to achieve the highest standard of civil engineering services of civil and stormwater drainage design. We specialize in the design of a wide range of projects anywhere from large infrastructure projects, multi-unit developments, sub-divisions, large apartment complex with basement car parks to a simple stormwater drainage design for a single dwelling or dual occupancy.

With a broad range of experience and expertise in civil engineering industry, we provide detailed design outsourcing services for small, medium and large land development and renewal projects. Our Engineering Company is based in Vietnam and comprises of a number of well experienced and qualified building practitioners, engineers and consultants.

We bring our clients extensive stormwater infrastructure knowledge and experience with complex, urban pollution issues. Our civil engineers are able to identify improvement opportunities and provide optimized, cost-effective, pollution-free energy solutions throughout the entire hydrologic and hydraulic urban water cycle.

In addition to piping, storage and treatment, EPO Industry counsels our clients to redesign the urban environment to better handle wet weather before run-off enters the sanitary, storm or combined sewer systems. We believe the best place to manage wet weather is as early as possible in the system, Handling storms in this manner is more sustainable, less expensive, and more cost-effective to manage in the long term.

Our main areas of expertise include the following fields:

  • Civil and Stormwater Design Outsourcing services and documentation of various building development types in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors, of varies in sizes and levels of complexity, including new constructions, renovations, extensions and major refurbishments.
  • Coordination with all other disciplines; including building services and architecture to provide a comprehensive, integrated and cost efficient approach to building design, from design and documentation through to contract administration and construction.
  • Value-adding to project costs by reviewing and proposing simplified, yet cost, time and performance efficient civil and stormwater drainage design solutions and construction methods. Providing innovative, functional, cost-effective and practical civil and stormwater drainage engineering concepts.

If you are seeking a partner about Stormwater Design Outsourcing services, EPO Industry could be a good option for you.

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