Looking for quality Civil Design & CADD outsourcing services?

About EPO Industry

EPO Industry are a family of dedicated engineers based in Vietnam. We provide professional Civil Design & CADD outsourcing services.

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Civil Design & CADD outsourcing services
Quality Civil Design Outsourcing Services

Our mission is provide a good solutions in Civil design with good quality and low price.

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Why EPO Industry?

We have engineers with +10 years working for design firms in the US, Australia, etc.

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Site Plan

We can support Site Plan development projects which can range from small single business sites to large multiple business sites.


We can support in roadway projects which can include design options such as underground utilities, water mains, sewer mains, storm drain, curb, gutter, and sidewalk.


We focus on providing high-quality, innovative topographic survey and ALTA survey drawings from point files and pictures taken from the site or using captured photos from drone.


EPO Industry offers complete subdivision development for our clients ranging from small residential subdivisions to large scale neighborhood communities.

Grading &
Drainage Plans

EPO Industry can aid in creating grading concepts, balancing earthwork, slope analysis, etc. by using Civil 3D and other relevant software.


We have the knowledge and skills to provide quality CADD services which comply to common standards such as US National CAD Standards, Australia Technical Drawing Standards, etc.

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Created Great 3D Models with InfraWorks and Civil ...
Civil Engineering
Created proposed surface from grade labels
Civil Engineering
sheet set manager in civil 3D
Speed and Simplify the plan production with SSM
Civil 3D
Increased productivity by using Data shortcut in C...
Civil 3D
Subdivision Site Plan
Subdivision in Florida
Subdivisions or Land Developments
Grading and Drainage plan
Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans
Civil Engineering
"Do what you do best,
outsource the rest"- PETER DRUCKER -


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