3D Rendering Services for Civil Engineering Projects

3D rendering services for civil engineering projects

A few years ago, “2D technical drawings” was the most popular tool used for visualization of functions such as architectural design. They were essential for communicating ideas of designers through architectural 3D including heights, dimensions, distances from streets, volumes, wall thicknesses, outdoor surfaces, etc.

However, it still has many limitations when it comes to expressing ideas that make customers confused and difficult to imagine. Therefore, computer scientists have invented a new tool to satisfy customers’ imagination called “computer graphics”. It is equipped with several advantages both in terms of design and the ability to convey ideas by using various algorithms and techniques to generate graphics in computers. Although its advantage is three-dimensional computer graphics, it also includes two-dimensional graphics and image processing.

Practically, our architectural designs use BIM to increase significantly accuracy in geometry math combined with 3D view visibility to give customer experiences as honest as possible.

But what is rendering 3d rendering services?

“Photorealistic rendering” is a type of 3D rendering or architectural visualization that allows creating images that are difficult to distinguish from reality. For example, in architecture designs, it shows how the project looks before being built. These images are covered with colors, vignetting just like real materials and highly driven by the real light.

Quality photorealistic includes parameters that are set according to nature, such as the amount of light, quality of HD textures, perspective, etc. So, it is not an already existing photo, but a design to perform a life-like image.

What are the benefits of rendering?

For other design solutions, it is very difficult to explain for clients to visualize the appearance, space, external structure, let alone the inside details. But with rendering, all problems will be solved, even if they can immerse in furniture, functional space, and accessories that do not exist yet. This 3D model can knock down the most demanding investors, especially those who are fuzzy in technology.

Besides, clients can also participate in suggesting or editing manuscripts that make them more satisfied with their future space. They can easily understand and follow every stage of the project. These advances save us time and avoid misunderstandings that cause undesired results.

In addition, render images can be pre-designed and publicized in the markets or social media before being built to attract interest and find more customers that developers can consider investing in this work.


How much do 3D rendering services for civil engineering projects cost?

The cost would depend on project size and complexity. Normally, at EPO Industry, we provide a quality 3d rendering services to outsource your projects only from $300. Our 3d rendering services include exporting high-resolution images from the model, exporting high-quality HD rendering video, walkthrough in any angle of the project.

After receiving the project plans, floor plans, images, sample landscape, etc. we will send a quote for you with the agreed work scope. After that, we will produce the model, including cut-edge 3D animation effects if you want.

What is the best software for 3d rendering services?

At EPO, we use a range of software to have a final product rendering. It depends on the type of projects, we will use choose suitable software to produce. Each software has its own advantage features. We often combine some of them. for example, for House Rendering, 3d floor, 3d floor plan, interiors, virtual tours, house rendering,etc. we could use 3Ds Max, Sketchup, Revit, Lumion… to produce.

Why does 3d rendering services take so long?

There is a fact that the 3D rendering takes pretty long to have a rendering video, especially architectural 3D videos. That’s because the model is often very big. It requires the computer has to be strong enough to run. Of course, 3D renders or designers need to know how to maximize the process so that the progress could be as fast as possible. At EPO Industry, we invested the computer system is quite modern to perform rendering tasks.

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If you are seeking a 3D rendering company or 3d rendering services for civil engineering projects, EPO could be a good candidate for you. In our team, we have civil engineers with over 10 years of experience working with US design company. Our 3D product rendering will be under their supervision. Therefore, civil engineering rendering products will show exactly what the Construction Drawings say. Ideally, our civil engineering can perform civil engineering projects from construction drawings to 3D visualizations. We can provide modeling service for your company not only on architectural projects but also civil engineering projects.

Let’s contact us right today, we can perform a small test project for you at no cost.