4 of Core Reasons Why You Should Outsource Civil Design

If you’re still questioning about you should Outsource Civil Design, this article is for you.

Outsource civil design work can definitely help your design team can save money a ton of money, save your precious time, focus on your core values, and expand your offering. 

Indeed, if you’re planning to expand your business to the next level? Of if you want to improve your talent pool without incurring the costs of hiring new staff? Let’s look at how you can achieve just that through outsourcing.

1. Cutting your operating costs for hiring your local civil engineers.

Civil engineers are human resources with the cost of salary is high. Civil Engineers’ median salary of $90,000 in 2018. Therefore, reducing costs for design staff is the number one reason why design firms decide to outsource. In fact, 59% of companies surveyed cited cost reduction as their motivation for putting this into practice. Why? Outsourcing tasks to trained professionals allow you to stick to smaller budgets and only pay for what and when you need it. 

2. You’ll find more productive and hard-working designers.

In general, talented, smart individuals can be found in practically every country. Expanding your search to find qualified people from other countries to fill open positions in your startup could result in getting more work accomplished with less time and money.

3. Get a deep insight into your business 

When you work on your design firm from day to day gives you the chance to understand your firm more, but there is always something to improve. For example, let’s figure out your design team works day by to from a project to another project with the same processes, the same technique. Because your team has to catch your projects’ deadline, you have no chances to update new software features, new tools. We ever met clients still use techniques of Autodesk from 10 years ago. Hiring a quality provider to outsource civil designer can give you a new perspective, new tools, or process to solve things more effectively.

4. You get to focus on the core of your business.

Outsource civil design is mostly considered by design firms who wish to keep the process independent from the core of the company. This helps them throw ideas around and develop better strategies that are not clouded by the company itself. The key here is to trust the civil engineering provider you hire and making sure you receive reports and live status updates on projects.

Here are some surefire signs to tell you why you should try EOP Industry:

– Experts: We are an organized and dedicated team of professionals with a combined experience of 10 years+ working with many design firms in ASCE (USA) and Australia. Also, our engineers have been trained in the USA in long term courses

– Reduce Costs: Save on hourly costs and other expenses from hiring in-house while still maintaining the same quality of service to your clients.

– Risk-free Growth: Gain flexibility and utilize us to relieve your in-house staff and support your growing firm. This will allow you to grow at a steady pace with less risk than hiring.

– Quality Assurance: We have an end to end experience from drawings to construction so we understand what is needed at each step of the process and make sure we deliver everything needed.

 Should you want to outsource Civil Design, we will be willing to offer a test project for you at no cost within a week. Let’s work together, you will see how wonderful outsourcing can bring for us.

Let’s contact us, we will always happy to answer any questions from you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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