5 Simple Steps to Outsource Survey Drafting Services

Today, more and more companies have been preferring to outsource Survey Drafting Services.
There are many engineering companies and surveying companies that are looking to outsource some design work. They realize that outsourcing can save big by cutting major costs, obtain more competitive edge, build a better focus on the core.

In larger Land surveying companies, they often have a whole team of people takes on the job of Survey Drafting Services. They work together with the survey crew team, take data from the site to build topographic survey maps.

In smaller companies and for the solo entrepreneur, Using Survey Drafting services is frequently only achievable with outsourcing.

With engineers have over 12 years providing outsource Survey Drafting Services, EPO Industry would like to summarize steps that may help you identify which aspects of Survey Drafting to outsource.

1. Figure out what you need to Outsource Survey Drafting Services

Prior to you can outsource, you may consider how to identify your big-picture objectives and also draw up the approach that will get you there.

Once you have your business strategy down on paper, it comes to be much simpler to determine crucial members as well as platforms called for to carry out that technique through web content advertising and marketing.

For example, perhaps your goal is to outsource the whole Land Survey Drafting work or just apart of them. Or you want the outsourcing provider setup the drawing format, all process so that you just care about the products or you want to train them to follow your company standards or processes.

2. Ask the potential outsourcing providers for a test.

It’s industry standard to require an initial test project as part of the outsourcing screening process. You’ll want to develop criteria for linework, layer management, features’ labels, precise of the existing surface, quality control, etc.

It’s your option whether you want to offer the test as paid or unpaid. At EPO Industry, we offer a free test for our new clients. Amazingly, many of our clients looked forward to paying the test project although they don’t need to. That’s happiness that our career could bring to us.

Back to the point, let be clear about what constitutes a “passing” score and what resources the candidates may use to complete the test.

Perhaps most importantly, by developing clear, concise style guidelines for communicating the same, you can Outsource Survey Drafting Services as much as 70% of your work with confidence.

3. Discuss with the selected provider

After you have chosen the best outsourcing provider, you can proceed to discuss with them about price, working process, communication platforms, the scope of work, what’s required input information. You also may need to provide your local standards or other relevant documents from the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS).

This is an important step because it could affect directly to the results. The more careful and detailed information you prepare, the more possibilities to succeed. Also, please don’t forget to pay attention to privacy. Ask carefully the provider about how they can keep your data secured. You may ask the provider to sign an NDA if needed.

4. Send files

Now, you can send the files to them and wait for the results. Outsource Survey Drafting Services is just simple like that.

Usually, the required info includes:

  • Point file: It’s csv or txt file exported from the survey equipment. The point file format type describes how the point data is arranged in an ASCII (text) file. Below is an instant:

  • Field notes: This is notes from the surveyors on the site. They can note anything regarding the survey such as equipment type, control points, crew, point numbers with descriptions. They can also sketch the buildings or utilities in case they are complicated:

outsource Topographic Survey Drafting Services

  • Photos: Photos from the site could help us figure out the features in the site to present and callout them correctly. Sometimes, we can use Google Earth to view the site nearby streets. However, this way can’t be used for the site located far away from Streets or the street is private or restricted. In some cases, the data from Google Earth Street View is old of date. Therefore, photos from the site are still necessary for us to perform the topographic survey drawing.

5. Check and improve the process

Any process needs to be observed and monitored regularly. Outsource Survey Drafting Services is not an exception. Often check their work and don’t forget to let them know about the mistakes. Perhaps, in the initial phases, you can take time to perform some online meetings to teach them more about the process, how to improve it as well as how to avoid repeating the mistakes. With many years working with US surveying companies, we figure out how to improve the learning curve quickly.
If you have any questions about how to outsource Survey Drafting, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team will always be happy to answer any questions you have



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