Best Civil Drafting Outsourcing Company In Vietnam

Are you looking for the best Civil Drafting Outsourcing Company In Vietnam? EPO Industry could be the first choice for you.
We are a full civil engineering outsourcing partner, for new or overloaded businesses!

What makes us be the Best Civil Drafting Outsourcing Company In Vietnam?

Firstly, that’s our experience. We have more than 10 years working for many big companies from the USA, Australia. From this, we have learned many things from them and refine good things to build an effective process in civil engineering outsourcing services. Our target is to create solutions that can bring benefits for clients thanks to our experiences, skills, and dedicated people.

Next, we always keep our rates competitive, by utilizing well-educated civil engineers, architects, and drafting from Vietnam but we reach the world standard. Our target is to become an extension of our partners, by offering a wide range of quality services, in Land Development projects, roadway design, subdivisions, parking design, topographic survey drawings, Civil 3D modeling, CAD Drafting services, etc.

Project quality control is also a key element at EPO Industry. Through many years, we recognized that QC control can be accomplished easily based on a thoughtful process. This could be updated regularly. All members should know clearly about the process.

Our proven processes are developed from a co-op model, to keep pricing low, while staying focused on providing quality services!

As the Best Civil Drafting Outsourcing Company In Vietnam, we can surely support you on:
– Follow the Company standard CAD procedures for layering, symbols, annotation, and standard procedures for sheet layout
– Perform and complete Topographic, ALTA, As-Built, and Boundary Surveys.
– Moreover, to be the Best Civil Drafting Outsourcing Company, we must work knowledge and skills in AutoCAD Civil 3D to:

  • Create, edit, and label alignments, Civil 3D parcels, and corridors.
  • Create, use, and edit Civil 3D labels.
  • Create feature lines and surfaces.
  • Manage, data reference, label, and interact with a Civil 3D surface.
  • Perform roadway design, including creating corridors, subassemblies, road FG, contour grading, and surface cleanup/manipulation through Tin/points.
  • Design plan and profiles of utilities, including using and creating pipe networks, editing and changing parts and styles, catch basin sizing/spacing and minimum cover, manhole sizing/spacing and minimum cover, hydrant spacing.
  • High level of proficiency with cut/fill balance grading design.
  • Preparation of plan production and engineering calculations such as typical sections, roadway alignment, roadway profile, cross-section, grading plan, details, and calculation of quantity take-offs, such as length, areas, and volumes for various elements of the plan using Sheet Set Manager.
  • Assist with hydrologic and hydraulic analysis.
  • Create 3D models from samples and/or from 2D drawings
  • Ability to set up and manage printing/plotting settings.

Why is EPO Industry the Best Civil Drafting Outsourcing Company In Vietnam?

– Experts: We are an organized and dedicated team of professionals with a combined experience of 10 years+ working with many design firms in the USA and Australia. Also, our engineers have been trained in the USA.
– Reduce Costs: Save on hourly costs and other expenses from hiring in-house while still maintaining the same quality of service to your clients.
– Risk-free Growth: Gain flexibility and utilize us to relieve your in-house staff and support your growing firm. This will allow you to grow at a steady pace with less risk than hiring.
– Quality Assurance: We have end-to-end experience from drawings to construction so we understand what is needed at each step of the process and make sure we deliver everything needed.

In general, if you are seeking the Best Civil Drafting Outsourcing Company In Vietnam, we surely believe that we are the one you need. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to perform a free trial project for you.

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