Best civil engineering services companies

Are your looking for civil engineering services companies?

EPO Industry is definitely a good suggestion for best civil engineering services companies in Vietnam. We have many engineers have been working over ten years for civil engineering design firm in the US.

We strike to be come the best civil engineering outsourcing services company so that we don’t just provide good quality drafting services but also participate in design process with your company. We strongly believe that with our experiences in civil engineering design, we could support most consulting firms in many places through the US as well as other country like Canada, Australia.

We specialize in civil engineering design such as Roadway design, Land Development, Parking Design, etc. For Highway or Roadway design services we can participate into projects from data collection like vehicle counting to determine Level of Services. Next, we could build topographic drawing from point files shut from site. We can also create preliminary design for Roadway design. Then, we can set up base files and plan sheet using latest features of  Civil 3D software such as sheet set, Data shortcut, etc. Most changes from City or County revisions will be updated automatically. We can save a bunch of time thank to these features which our team have researched over ten years.

If you want to find our more about our civil engineering outsourcing servicse, please don’t hesitate email us via contact @ We will be very happy to answer all your questions. We can also send some sample projects which we allowed to do. We are trying day by day to become one of  the best civil engineering services companies through the world.





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