Best civil engineering services for US companies

Best civil engineering services for US companies

We’re civil engineering lovers at heart. Most of us at EPO Industry have either worked in it, or around it, somewhere along the way. We enjoy designing remarkable projects with clients and colleagues that we’ve often known and worked with for a long time. We understand timelines, and deadlines, and we know how to keep the proverbial ball rolling, always with a laser-like focus on results and our clients. Our portfolio is an ideal blend of private and public work, which helps us serve both sectors better. We aim to become the best civil engineering services for US consulting companies.

We inspire our clients to make the best use of their time and money, and accomplish this mission in as many different ways as there are disciplines, project types, and people. The bottom line is that we are committed to our clients and one another.

We’re inquisitive. And we are critical thinkers. We like to ask questions like, “What if we did it this way?” and “Do you have a specific reason for doing it that way?” And after we ask, we listen. We fight for better feedback because we know that in the long-run, it will help us serve our clients better. After a long time of building relationships and remarkable projects, we remain enthusiastic and grateful about doing the ground work that makes our clients’ projects more remarkable.

civil engineering services
Civil engineering services

When it comes to civil engineering services, our best work is buried. Literally. Once completed, most of our civil engineering efforts are invisible to the naked eye. This includes items such as grading, soil corrections, storm sewers, storm detention chambers, sanitary sewers, lift stations, force mains, watermains all of which are coordinated with power, gas, steam, cooling water and data utilities. This ground work helps support the visible site work of parking, drive aisles, sidewalks, streetscape, ponds, berms, landscaping, plazas and ADA accessible routes. In addition, we are skilled designers for watershed analyses and hydrologic studies to help navigate the approval processes.

Once through design and approvals, we shine in the construction process with seasoned personnel and prompt attention to maintain schedule and quality for construction projects. Loucks’ sustainable design team includes LEED-accredited professionals with expertise in environmentally-friendly and cost-effective design. To provide the best civil engineering services, EPO Industry excels in assignments that require:

  • Creative thinking to solve challenging problems
  • Practical proven solutions
  • Personal care and attention
  • Absolute commitment to production and delivery
  • Complete dedication to quality and value

What most sets us apart from others, we believe, is our people and our commitment to personal service. Regardless of the size or the character of the project, our staff are always ready, able and excited to work as your partner to help you accomplish your goals.

If you are looking for the best civil engineering services, we are confident that we will be a worthy candidate for your selections.

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