Best engineering design outsourcing services

Are you looking for an engineering design outsourcing services?

EPO Industry’ civil engineers are highly-experienced, dynamic professionals whose know-how in US infrastructure are a good choice for you. Our team prides itself on delivering innovative solutions and quality outcomes, on time and on budget. We know communication is key and your vision is our priority. We work closely with clients to ensure their knowledge and ideas are built into the project from the outset.

as an leading engineering design outsourcing services company in Vietnam, we have the expertise to assess all civil engineering requirements for roads, underground services, land development, Civil 3D assistance services with the technical skills to produce cost-effective solutions and define the limits of responsibilities for developments.

We “do our homework” and ensure that technical decisions and designs are sound, and where appropriate, include input from our in-house specialists.

Our engineering design outsourcing services include all aspects of engineering in various sectors of activity: studies, analyses, 3D modelling, drawings and specifications, detailed engineering, preparation of tender and contract documents. We can advise the design team through the project’s development process to ensure a successful outcome and provide cost-saving and constructability assistance throughout the course of your project.

When engineering challenges and issues arise, we know how important it is to be able to turn to a professional consultancy that listens to your needs, considers the most appropriate solutions and conveys its advice in an amenable and understandable manner, free from tech-talk, befuddling industry jargon and acronyms.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to instil in all at EPO Industry a customer-focused culture characterized by outstanding service, where we’re always happy to take your call, attend to your concerns and impart friendly and professional advice.

Whatever your engineering requirement or challenge, we invite you to give us a call and ask for our principal engineer and managing director, An T. Nguyen. We like nothing better than solving problems and are always willing to help. Where it’s beyond our areas of expertise, we’ll happily put you in touch with those we believe are best placed to assist.

If you need the best engineering design outsourcing services, Go on, make the call… and remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question. 

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