About EPO Industry

Civil Engineering Outsourcing services can help design and construction firms to reduce or eliminate these costs. With many years of experience working in the design firm in the United States, we understand that offshore outsourcing has come as a virtal channel to the existence of many firms who want to reduce costs while improving productivity.

EPO Industry, a brand name belong to AXA company which is an innovative civil engineering firm focused on CAD drawing and Civil works.  We provide cost effective design, drafting and model-making services to our clients both locally and globally. Our talented Drafters, Designers, Architects and Engineers work intelligently and intensively to accomplish your needs.

EPO Industry is specializing in meeting the engineering outsourcing needs of businesses across a wide range of industries including: residential, commercial and infrastructure designs


Together, we create innovate design solutions of civil engineering. Most effective! Cheapest!


To become the best civil engineering outsourcing with excellence and innovation.


To contribute Vietnam become the new big destination of outsourcing industrial through the world

Board of Directors

EPO Industry consists of talented people who helped make EPO Industry what it is today.

Anthony Nguyen, M.Eng.

CEO and Founder
Bridge and Highway Engineer, Master of Construction Technology and Management. 10-year experience.

Tung-Anh 2

Andie Nguyen, MBA

Marketing Manager
Awarded Government Scholarship (Singapore). MBA at the University of Gloucestershire (UK)

Henry Tran, B.Eng.

General Engineer
An experience engineer in the field of civil engineering, structural analysis and construction management

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