General Information

Civil Engineering outsourcing services can help design and construction firms to reduce or eliminate these costs. With many years of experience working in the construction industry in Hawaii, United States, we understand that offshore outsourcing has come as a virtal channel to the existence of many firms who want to reduce costs while improving productivity.

EPO Industry is an innovative architectural design brand name focused on CAD drawing and civil engineering works.  We provide professional drawings, cost effective design, drafting and model-making services to our clients both locally and globally. Our talented Drafters, Designers, Architects and Engineers work intelligently and intensively to accomplish your needs.
EPO Industry is specializing in meeting the engineering outsourcing needs of businesses across a wide range of industries including: residential, commercial and infrastructure designs.

Our Overarching Vision

At present, we firmly believe in maintaining the highest levels of quality and integrity in everything we do- in the quality of the work we deliver to our customers, our commitment to all our stakeholders, and the integrity of the highest ethics we uphold. This unswerving focus on quality is encapsulated in our vision statement:

“To be a values-based global organization, providing customer-centric solutions to the highest standards of excellence, creating value to all stakeholders.”

Our Mission

Our world class engineering design and back-office services help companies to streamline and enhance their delivery processes by providing them high quality and cost effective outsourcing architectural and CAD drawing services.  Our mission is to leverage the Vietnam advantage of the availability of a low cost talent pool to our esteemed clients while improving productivity, quality and driving down costs.

Our Strategy

We strive to form strategic associations and dedicated long term relationships with our clients.  No assignment too big or small at EPO Industry; they will be treated with the highest degree of quality, professionalism and within the required timeline.  Our hard-working staffs always seek to provide custom products to match unique needs to each client and to maximize their efforts in the more creative pursuits.

The Outsourcing Story

Why Outsource  civil engineering in Vietnam?

When you take the Vietnam War and the recent global financial meltdown into consideration, it is really a wonder how the economy in this Southeast Asian country has recovered over the years. Fortunately, the government gave enough focus on the things that can be done in order to improve the different aspects of Vietnam’s business industry. When you add to this the fact that Vietnam has a young, skilled and dynamic workforce, it is easy to see just how promising the outsourcing outlook is in the country.

The three waves of offshoring
  • The Information Technology (IT) sector took advantage of the enhanced connectivity (as well as the time difference between Vietnam and the West) to provide offshore services around the clock to their clients. Early adopters from the developed countries were cautious: they tested the waters by outsourcing only clearly-defined business processes and technology development functions.
  • Barring the inevitable hiccups, the overwhelming benefits of these efforts contributed to the tremendous growth of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) sectors in Vietnam. It was now possible to staff armies of associates to man customer service desks, technical support platforms and similar functions, at a fraction of their costs in the West. The so-called “Voice” and “Non-voice” functions of the BPO industry were equally successful.
  • The third wave of offshoring was for Engineering, Analytical and Creative work. This aimed to harness the much-vaunted analytical and technical prowess of Vietnam engineers. Enterprising Vietnam companies with powerful capabilities seized the opportunities to create a new industry: the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sector.
Does it work?

It works for everyone!

  • Just the cost savings are compelling enough: companies that outsource typically experience savings that range from 40% to 60%
  • The outsourcing (IT/ ITES/ BPO/ KPO) sectors enjoy the full support of the Government of Vietnam. The government has provided the industry with subsidies and created a strong legal framework to support the IP rights of offshoring customers
  • The time-difference between Vietnam and most parts of North America is especially beneficial to use a “follow-the-sun” model for BPOs
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