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Images of Vietnam after the Vietnam War
Images of Vietnam after the Vietnam War

After more than a century of foreign domination and colonization and 21 years of war and division, our country, Vietnam, has been rebuilt from the remaining ashes of war. During these wards, millions of people were killed, and hundreds of thousand families were broken by those lives being lost. In my family, my two uncles have never returned. The war, which finally ended in 1975, left behind crushing pain and poverty and so many problems and obstacles for Vietnamese people to overcome. In that situation, I grew up in an extremely difficult childhood. Many of my friends had no chance to go to school, and they had to do anything to help their families survive. It was quite lucky for me that although my family’s financial conditions were no better than my peers’, my parents still decided they would sacrifice everything for me as long as I can go to primary school, then high schools, then universities. Looking back, I’m always proud of my parents and extremely grateful for their love.
Until the 1980s, a large part of the Vietnamese population still lived under the poverty line. Nonetheless, as recent significant reforms took place, the country has been witnessing a dramatic transformation in every aspect of an economy

We may lost many things, But there's more to gain

Nowadays, people can get connected almost everywhere, thanks to technological advancements in communication. I also recognize that we can take advantage of information technology and the Internet to provide valuable products and services to a global client base. Leveraging on what I have learned during my university education as well as 10 years of experience leading a design team in a well-established American designing company in Vietnam, I decided to make a bold move to finding EPO Industry to prove my abilities and help other young people. In my opinion, Vietnamese, particularly, engineers are always hard-working and intelligent.
EPO Industry is a unique family of young people who are hard-working, clever, and deeply enthusiastic about engineering design. We are aspiring to contribute our part in making Vietnam a new outsourcing hub in the world.

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