Why EPO Industry?

Our defining strength is our ability to harness creative intelligence—both ours and our clients—to develop solutions informed by a prism of perspectives, experiences, technologies and cultures. Our firm is purposely built to foster this high-level of multidisciplinary thinking, allowing our teams to assess situations from all angles and identify opportunities to improve rather than conform. This synergistic method allows us to identify and connect the best ideas across industries and geographies.

We blend our diversity of expertise with empirical and ethnographic research, immersing ourselves in our clients’ worlds to understand their needs in their context. This “in the field” approach enables us to understand how each client defines value and how it can be translated into opportunities everyone can get behind.

Together, this fusion of intelligence and research allows us to not only generate new ideas, but understand how best to apply them. It allows us to develop solutions that meet performance expectations, adapt to change, and position our clients for success. It makes us not only designers, but partners in health, pioneers in education, innovators in workplace strategy, preservers of culture, and creators of a better tomorrow.

EPO Industry offers the broadest and deepest capabilities and infrastructure when you outsource your CAD conversion services to Vietnam. There are compelling reasons why you should outsource to Vietnam and why you should engage with EPO Industry for your CAD conversion services needs:


Provide us with your project specifications and any specific/custom training (only if required), and leave the infrastructure and resource worries to us. Our CAD Conversion Services team will start operating from the very next day!

Features of our infrastructure setup include world-class backup and disaster recovery systems, industry-standard security systems (encompassing physical, network and data security) that exceed client expectations, and multiple campuses operating with top-of-the-line hardware and software tools in a secure atmosphere. EPO Industry is ideally situated to meet your resource augmentation needs.

No capital infrastructure costs, no resource hiring, training and management worries: just utilize EPO Industry’ best-in-class infrastructure facilities for your CAD Conversion Services. Outsource to Vietnam, hassle-free.


Operating in the largest city in Vietnam, EPO Industry makes use of Vietnam’s large pool of computer literate, English speaking engineers. Engineers who graduated from Vietnam technical universities such as Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Da Nang University of Technology are well recognized for their Technology and communication skills.

We train and deploy our engineers to specific project types, so that they acquire domain specializations within the CAD Conversion Services sector. EPO Industry’ strong team of domain specialists help clients gain the edge with their attention to detail and end-to-end capabilities.




Engineering talent needs to be supported by able managers. We have built a superb team of project managers. Experienced in working for clients in the Hawaii, US, and other locations, our project managers ably assist clients to extract the best from our civil engineering teams. Project and process management techniques our managers employ include:

  • Regular and ad-hoc reporting and metrics
  • Superior documentation of project, process and progress
  • Feedback, quality control including weekly or monthly quality control reports
  • Predefined escalation channels
  • Best-of-breed process mapping techniques
  • Regular training and re-training of employees


We have built our knowledge bank over a period of several years from our experience in working for clients across the globe. This includes end-to-end transfer and transition of medium to large projects in Hawaii, USA. The result is 99% SLA adherence, a number that is unmatched among Vietnam service providers.

These methodologies help us handle complex projects and exceed clients’ expectations when it comes to quality, reliability and adherence to budget.



Being located on the other side of the globe from North America, Vietnam service providers offer a unique time zone advantage to most locations in North America and Western Europe. This allows us to make faster deliveries to clients – many have been astonished at deliverables from their projects reaching them at 8 AM on day 1. Many clients utilize this time zone difference to employ a “Follow the Sun” model on projects with short deadlines.

For clients in Hawaii, the time zone is different from 7 hours, the overlap time is enough for us can discuss to find best result. On the next day, the works have been available on the ftp for them.


Everything else being equal, it sometimes boils down to price. EPO Industry offers multiple options in our pricing model, including:

  • Time and Materials (Effort Based)
  • Fixed price (Milestone Based)
  • Full Time Equivalent (Dedicated Resource)
  • Per Transaction


The bottom line, EPO Industry is the professional civil engineering outsourcing services . We offer world-class, cost effective and competitive outsourcing Services in a highly secure environment

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