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Why have CAD drafting services become more popular?

To comprehensively answer this question, we may discover about CAD drawing. It is the most important process used in all type of building construction. Professional drafters converts the structural and design sketch into drawing details and presentation plan. In the building construction plan, engineers and draftsman design the actual design best replica watches details and draw the accurate details of each phase. CAD drawing allows the draftsman to convert handcraft and paper drawing to digital printing. Various offshore companies provides CAD drawing services and Digital printing services for various type of commercial, residential, industrial and specially structures like sky scrapers, bridge and tunnels.

EPO Industry is widely known for providing CAD Drafting Services, with the help and guidance of an expert team. Our company follows a structured process to understand all the variables of a project. We make sure of quality checking at multiple levels, to ensure that no errors occur at our assignments. Our company can customize the services as per the client’s requirements and the larger goals of the business. Furthermore, we are offering the CAD Drafting Services at nominal cost.

Advantages of 2D AutoCAD drafting services

– CAD drafting services help the various stages of construction industries.
– It helps draft designs more easily and quickly without the help of technical drawing instruments
– It is used to refine concepts, develop site plans and sketch technical drawings.
– CAD Drafting services enable to share your ideas among the employees in the industry and with the clients.
– Using 2D AutoCAD Drafting services, we can customize drawings and templates more clearly.
– It enhances the collaboration between with the colleagues and clients.

Why should you use CAD drafting services of EPO Industry?

EPO Industry offers CAD drafting services for various fields of the construction industry like mechanical engineering, process engineering, manufacturing, fabrications, design, consultation etc. Our experienced team can create 2D CAD drawings that cover all areas such as plan, elevation and sections for various types of mechanical parts, auto parts, fabrication drawings, assembly drawing, mechanical shop drawings, steel structures, vessels and chemical process plats etc.

Architectural 2D CAD Drafting

Our experienced team in architectural engineering provides architectural 2D CAD Drafting services like 2D floor plans, cross sectional plans, reflected ceiling plans, roof framing and foundation plans, interior plans etc. for various architects, architectural firms and other consultancies.

Structural 2D CAD Drafting

EPO Industry professionals provide structural 2D CAD drafting services of international standards that include the structural foundation plan drawings, raft and pile foundations drawings. RCC and Steel plant and machine foundation details, Roof Truss and Joint detail drawings, Welded, Riveted and Bolted Steel connection details, Longitudinal and Cross Sectional details of columns and Beams etc.

Mechanical 2D CAD drafting

EPO Industry completes any mechanical 2D CAD drafting requirements by producing 2D drawings like mechanical fabrications drawings, heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning Drawings, Installation Drawings of Mechanical Products, Mechanical Component Drawings, Plumbing and Piping drawings etc.


EPO Industry is able to provide other area of drafting services such as electrical drafting services, civil engineering, construction, etc.

You, with no doubt, can approach EPO Industry, one of the leading CAD drafting service based in Vietnam for all your requirements regarding CAD drawing, drafting, designing etc. With engineers working with US consulting companies over 10 (ten) years, we clearly understand how to make our clients happy. At EPO Industry, where the best CAD drafting services will become BETTER. Let’s count on us!

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