How to Reduce Cost with Outsourced Shop Drawing Services?

How to Reduce Cost with Outsourced Shop Drawing Services?

Shop Drawing is a critical portion of drawing production before construction. Recently, more and more companies, especially contractors are using outsourced shop drawing services to increase the value of their products and maximize their design process. Another reason is that outsourced shop drawing services can help them to save costs. It can save you up to 60% on cost so this is definitely something you have to consider.

This article discusses the ways you can reduce costs from outsourced shop drawing services :

Saving money from not hiring full-time employees

It is very expensive and difficult to hire engineers and experienced technicians to build a team. But with outsourcing, you do not have to search anymore as outsourcing companies’ experts are available. Besides, you don’t have to pay the other amount of money for a full-time employee such as healthcare, vacation days, taxes, and you will not need additional space or equipment.

Recruiting faster

When you want to expand an area that you are not familiar with, you have to hire new specialized employees but this work is very time-consuming. You have to spend time on a whole process for recruiting and training. However, with outsourced shop drawing services, you do not need to worry about this problem because the outsourcing companies already have their own team of specialists. They have all the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the tasks you assign.

You just spend a short period of time to train them, especially with experienced civil engineering outsourcing providers like EPO Industry, you just need less than a week to set up a process for our team can work directly on your projects. In addition, the result is more quality and faster.

Working with experienced engineers and technicians

How to Reduce Cost with Outsourced Shop Drawing Services

You may not be able to hire an expert with a lot of experience at a low cost, let alone a team of experts. If you want a team of professional experts to work for you and the price is affordable, the outsourced shop drawing services option is a great initiative.

There may be no barriers if you desire an overseas team because they have full English communication skills to work with you.

Based on the dedicated and fully formed-team

As mentioned above, outsourcing companies already have their own teams and these teams contain all the functions you want to find. This means when you outsource, there is a whole team of dedicated software developers performing your tasks. The work is more productive and the quality of the products is excellent.

No need to worry about time zones

Sometimes the work can be for too many or several reasons, and you would expect them to be processed 24 hours in a row but this is impossible for in-house. Whereas if you outsource a company overseas then the time zone difference will handle this problem. Of course, there will be some communication problems at different time work but you can arrange them.

No need to take care of the organization

How to Reduce Cost with Outsourced Shop Drawing Services

When using outsourced shop drawing services, you do not need to worry about the infrastructure for them as well as employees’ vacations because they have their own policies and space. These things help you get rid of concerns about benefits for employees.

Assurance about risk management

When there are some technical or organizational problems, the outsourcing providers will take responsibility and continue to work with you to solve the problems. This should be clearly explained in the risk management section of the contract. And with a proper Service Level Agreement, you can rest assured that the end result will meet your requirements.

Let’s try outsourced shop drawing services

To sum up, with so many benefits, there is no reason to refuse outsourced shop drawing services. Using shop drawing services is a smart step in your business strategy. Not only does it help you reduce costs, reduce risks, increase product efficiency; but your products can be completed faster, hit the market earlier, and help you beat your competitors.

 Should you be interested in outsourcing shop drawing services, don’t hesitate to contact us right today. After many years working with many USA companies, We will be willing to offer a test project for you at no cost within a week. Let’s work together, you will see how wonderful outsourcing can bring for us.

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