Outsource CAD drafting services – a new trend today

Outsource CAD drafting services

EPO Engineers is established basing on CAD drafting and Civil Engineering service business. We includes engineers who worked closely with licensed civil engineers in the US. So, we could provides professional drafting services to architects, building industry professionals, contractors, engineers, homeowners, real estate professionals and a variety of other clientele. The projects he handles could be small or large, and located locally or nationally.

To date EPO Industry has successfully provided drafting services for over 168 different clients. Those services have included creating laser-to-cad as-builts for civil plans, structure, multistory buildings and residential houses, creating construction logistics drawings, and the list goes on.

Outsource CAD drafting services is a popular trend today
Outsource CAD drafting services is a popular trend today

Our Outsource CAD drafting services are very flexible to meet your needs and range from creating full CAD drawings from a paper napkin sketch, to fine-tuning an existing CAD file. We maintain high standards in our work and have the latest in both computer workstations and drafting software. In addition, we upgrade our workstations and software constantly to provide you with both quality and service.
Our Computer Aided Design department utilizes the latest in Autodesk’s Design Suites and Microstation software. Compatibility issues are no problems with us if you have old versions of software or files. Outsourcing your drafting projects to EPO Engineers will reduces your staffing requirements, equipment upgrade expenditure, and increases your rate of production. Moreover, our civil engineers have a long time working with licensed engineers in US, so we could confidently provide the best outsource CAD drafting services for your company.

EPO Engineers is established as a way to take advantage of the need for a high quality, professional CAD drafting firm. Since that time we have grown to become a full service CAD company and specialize in converting architectural, utility, telecommunications, geographical and engineering drawings to digital format. We has worked with many top companies throughout the U.S. providing drafting support services on projects through out the United States including Washington, Alaska & Hawaii. We also have a strong relationship with many consulting firms, engineers and small business owners who we deal with on a more day to day basis. Here at EPO Engineers  we are dedicated to quality and timely response in all of our outsource CAD drafting services.

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