Best Outsource Reinforced Concrete Services

What is outsource reinforced concrete services?

EPO Industry has establish an enviable reputation in providing outsource reinforced concrete services across the country. The advanced detailing features as well as technical excellence together make us one of the most reputable RC detailing service providers in the market. Outsource reinforced concrete detailing service is a core activity in our business. We can provide the quickest and most cost effective RC detailing service with the help of a level of expertise and software portfolio.

outsource reinforced concrete services
reinforced concrete detail

Our reinforcement concrete detailing services generally include the following:

Preliminary design concept drawings and models
Production mould drawings
General arrangement drawings
Production reinforcement drawings
Reinforcement schedules
Project management
Construction management
Project reports
RC detailing
Reinforced concrete estimation
Bar listing and bar rending schedules

Our project experience

From the small and mid-sized companies to the largest multinational firms, we offer our valuable services with equal preference. Our varied clients, who approach us for better RC detailing services, include material fabricators, material suppliers, builders, contractors, ECP and design firms and design-build firms. Our team of engineers who have degrees in civil and structural engineering and years of experience and on-the-job detailing experience, can effectively handle small and large projects for various fields such as:

Tilt-up panels
Parking garages
High-and low-rise buildings
Power plants
Gas, oil and chemical plants and refineries

If you are looking an outsource reinforced concrete services, we are so confident that we can bring the best value. Let try one time, we will never let you down.

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