Outsourcing Engineering Design Work: Common Mistakes and How to Prevent

Outsourcing Engineering Design Work: Common Mistakes and How to Prevent

Outsourcing Engineering Design Work is becoming more and more popular in the business world. However, like everything else, engineering design outsourcing all have positives and negatives. Particularly, if you do not have any experience in outsourcing, you will feel confused at the beginning and maybe frustrated at times. Even if you have worked with remote teams in engineering design before, you still face certain risks and unexpected results.

In this article, some common mistakes are discussed and ways to prevent them when outsourcing engineering design work.

You did not do market research

As you did not do market research well, the requirement was potentially risky. Therefore, before considering outsourcing engineering design work, market research is so important, especially when you want to work with a foreign team. Please spend time researching both the domestic and international markets, finding out how other companies are doing, and analyzing the engineering design market in detail, in different countries. These things help you predict risks and opportunities.

You do not have a good communication system

If you do not provide enough information and requirements for your project; no matter how good your team of experts are, they will produce disappointing results. Please make sure to express your expectations as clear as possible, so that the collaboration becomes a happy experience. Describe your opinion broadly as well as in detail, and don’t forget to leave emergency contact information in order to keep your project doing smoothly. Especially in Outsourcing Engineering Design Work, you need to establish from the beginning such as files transferring, communication platforms, CAD standards, QC controls, etc.

Your partner selection process is not appropriate

While researching the market, there are many outsourced engineering design providers that you would like to work with. However, be lucid when choosing, you should not make a decision based on the cost but find the team that is the most suitable for your project. Otherwise, you spend money and only get worse. We will have a detailed article about how to select the right outsourced engineering design providers.

You do not notice the time difference and zone 

When outsourcing engineering design work to an overseas team, the time zone is one of the first things that should to be discussed in the kick-off meeting. This issue depends on the nature of your work environment and project. If you are looking for fast reactions, or if your internal employees are participating in the project, you will not want a time zone difference of more than 4 hours. You should plan and schedule more clearly to have real-time communication with your remote team and let the project go smoothly.

You choose the biggest companies there

The bigger companies might be good because they have already built their name and had a lot of experience, but that doesn’t mean they are the right choice for you. They have many equally big projects and the price is more expensive. So, your project may not be their top priority. It does not have to be a big company,  it depends on the size of your project. A company that is within your reach may be better because it also gives you the same qualified service and the cost is more reasonable.

You choose the so small and recently opened companies

When you consider outsourcing engineering design work, if you work with a company that just one or two employees or recently opened in 1 – 2 years, you might run the risk. Because those companies can work effectively in the first period. However, they could disappear in another day for many different reasons that you never know, especially they are far away from you. Please don’t be surprised, we met many such cases long the way we have run.

 You do not especially evaluate niche skills of outsourcing engineering design work

When looking for an outsourced company, you should consider the niche experience which they own. If a company has little experience in engineering design areas like CAD Drafting Services, Civil 3D Drafting Services or their field is limited, then it will take more time to produce results. You can check out the cases they have done to see if they are similar to your project.

There is no technical support on your part

Even if there is a remote team responsible for all the work in your project, you should have at least one of your own civil engineers or at least an experienced civil technician to support them. Having internal staff involved in the project will help you easier to communicate and follow the progress. You would have more time to focus on the core activities in your firm such as meeting clients, win more jobs, etc.

You are outsourcing short-term services

If you want your outsourcing team to work wholeheartedly, treat them as a part of your business, not temporary workers. Selecting a reliable and experienced company that you can continue to work with in the future.

You are outsourcing the wrong tasks

You may want to outsource as many tasks as possible, but not all activities are suitable for doing so. Analyze your requirements and activities, evaluate the pros and cons to decide what to do internally, and what to outsource correctly.

You ignore the people and technical differences in other regions

When you hire a civil engineering outsourcing provider, most likely you will encounter culture differentiation problems including business culture. So that it does not affect your project, make sure you communicate clearly all sensitive topics to them at the beginning and add rules if necessary, discussing together technique and system will be used in the project.

You are not being transparent

In projects regarding public or government factors, business security is important when you consider outsourcing engineering design work. If you do not know clearly your organization’s process and operational details, the remote team can not fully capture your demands. Try to be as honest and transparent as possible, sign NDAs to protect sensitive information if necessary.

You are not fully committed

When outsourcing engineering design work, commitment and trust are essential to the success of a foreign project that is required by all parties involved. If you do not want any delays or losses, make sure one hundred percent of your requirements and expectations are reflected in the contract, and at the same time you will also receive enthusiasm from your partner.

You do not pay attention to rights and ownership

You do not confuse whose rights belong to and ownership over intellectual properties. Just sign NDA to ensure your information and data are not leaked, as well as make sure you fully own the final code and IP of the app. In the agreement of outsourcing engineering design work, you should add terms state clearly about the ownership and intellectual properties.

You forget to reward when the job is done well

Just like your internal staff, encouraging and rewarding your outsourcing partner to help them to be more motivated and dedicated. Let them feel their work is valued and appreciated.

Always remember that even if you consider outsourcing engineering design work for only one project, it will have a lasting impact on your business. Be sure to follow the best rules and avoid the list of mistakes above to get the desired results.

If you are interested in outsourcing engineering design work, EPO Industry could be the right company you are seeking. With over ten years of providing outsourcing solutions for civil engineering firms in the USA and other countries, we are confident that we can help you out. Please contact us, we will happy to perform a small project for you at no cost.


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