A large conservation subdivision Project US-106

This is a large Conservation Subdivision here in the US which the EPO Industry team has designed. The Project needs to have from 150 to 200 1 acre lots on individual septic systems.

The target of the project is to encourage and provide incentives for, innovative site planning of residential subdivision lots that are designed in harmony with the natural features and constraints of property. This section establishes subdivision development standards that allow a landowner to achieve full density under the existing zoning of the land, and which also provide substantial preservation of natural open space and natural and cultural resources.

Because of our confidentiality policies, we can only show some basic information and image about the project. Please let us know if you want to find out how we did it, feel free to contact us: contact “at” epoindustry.com

A Client from the US
December 11, 2016
Conservation Subdivision
Our Role
Design Lots devision and internal roads