Outsourcing Roadway Design Services: Project US-102

Outsourcing Roadway design service is our main service at EOP Industry. Our engineers have been working with US consulting firms over ten years. We live and breathe civil engineering. Our engineers have worked with many firms in the industry giving us the knowledge and ability to focus on the details that make projects excellent. We provide customized products tailored specifically to your needs. Our philosophy of doing the right thing – the right way – the first time saves our clients time and money.

Project US-102 is an example work which we just have participated in design. Because of our confidentiality policy, we can only show some basic information and image about the project.
Please let us know if you want to find out how we did it, feel free to contact us: contact “at” epoindustry.com

A company from California
December 20, 2017
Outsourcing Roadway Design Services
Our Role
Design Roadway aligments, corridor, finished surface, Setting up sheet, etc.

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