Topographic Survey work - Project US-107

In order to perform this type, we need input data including point files (txt format) from the surveyor and pictures taken from the site. We will import point files to a civil 3D file regarding certain coordinate setting from the company standards. Then we use Civil 3D features to present the topo files in a required format. If the client need us do the civil engineering design services, we shall use topo files for next stage phases. We can save time for client in create existing surface file as will as the existing condition plan sheet.

Because of our confidentiality policies, we can only show some basic information and image about the project. Please let us know if you want to find out how we did it, feel free to contact us: contact “at”

A Client from the US
May 15, 2017
Topographic survey works
Our Role
Creating topo Topographic files