Quality structural drafting services in Vietnam

Are you looking for a quality structural drafting services in Vietnam? EOP Industry is exactly what you need. We have a staff of ten years + experience working for US, Australia, Canada, UK clients.

You can search a bunch of results of structural drafting services in the internet. However, you won’t find a real quality service with ease, especially, in the era of information technology boom. We have affirmed our ability based on the trust of customers during the past years.

We have established a complete system from the time of receiving customers’ requests until project implementation, quality control, checking progress, product delivery. It can be said that EPO is one of the leading civil engineering and CAD drafting outsourcing in Vietnam in recent years. We comply to common standards in CAD drafting such as US National CAD Standards, Australia Technical Drawing Standards, etc. Those area reasons why our customers have always been with us during the past years. furthermore, we also have a strict Data Leak Prevention system which clients’ data will always be safe with us.

structural drafting services in Vietnam
A sample of structural drafting services for an Australian client

We can provide structural drafting services for many type of projects such concrete buildings, timber houses, bridge structures. Should you are interested in our services, please send us your sample drawings, your scope of work. We will quickly research and discuss to understand clearly about what you expect. Again, you can rest assured about the policy privacy at EPO, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement if needed. Then, we will talk about the rate, payment methods and contract. We will be willing to perform a small test project for you for FREE. Let’s work together, you will see how wonderful outsourcing can bring for us. Try our structural drafting services today. Believe us, we will never let you down.

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