Outsourcing Autocad Drafting Services

Outsourcing AutoCAD drafting services at AXA
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Outsourcing Autocad Drafting Services

Using our Outsourcing Autocad Drafting Services is the smart way to increase your engineering horsepower. We give you access to our pool of numerous engineers to meet your specific engineering and design requirements.

  • The specific expertise you need when you need it: From CAD professionals to civil engineers, using our multi-talented expert pool of engineers, designers, and experts we have the right person for your specific requirement.
  • Use only the time you need when you need it: EPO Industry allows you to use your engineering resources when you need it, and only pay for as much as you need.
  • Scalable to meet your business demands: Easily Increase your engineering bandwidth for larger projects to meet your project goals without the expense and risk of committing additional staff.
  • 100% Productivity: with EPO Industry you could get 100% productivity for each hour you pay for. No cooler talk, bathroom breaks, sick days, or hidden overhead.
  • Affordable – You’ll be surprised at just how you can’t afford to use EPO Industry Autocad drafting outsourcing services.
  • Proven – Outsourcing Autocad Drafting Services of EPO Industry is has proven reliable, fast, and effective with hundreds of projects completed to date.

EPO Industry specializes in drafting plans for all stages of development. With our range of technical CAD software, we can bring an initial design concept to life, or prepare the detailed plans required for the project and construction approval process.

Outsourcing AutoCAD Drafting Services at EPO Industry:

Civil Engineering Drafting

EPO Industry has a range of outsourcing Autocad drafting services available in the civil engineering field. Working with Licensed Engineers, we have experience in land development, site planning, site survey, water/waste water, pump stations, grading/erosion control and plan and profiles. Let EPO Industry take your project form the Conceptual design phase to Construction drawings.

Architectural Drafting

Architects can outsource time consuming drafting work to a reliable and competent partner like CAD Designers. We have the ability to help you present your design, including floor plans, roof plans, elevations, utility plans, details and renderings. We have experience with commercial and residential projects. Let us take your building projects from Conceptual documents to Construction documents.

Structural Drafting

EPO Industry has produced numerous drawings in the structural field. From foundation plans to flooring layouts their skills have changed greatly over the years.

We can work with your freehand sketches, surveys, or use partially completed or completed projects to take your design from conceptual phase to final as-builts. Plus, all our work is completed in-house!

Electrical & Mechanical Drafting

EPO Industry have provided electrical drafting services for electricians and electrical specialists over the years. From detailed HVAC plans to a fire alarm system, every bit of electrical wire has been at one point mapped out by an AutoCAD specialist. Outsourcing AutoCAD drafting services at EPO Industry will help you and your company save a lot of time and money. Let us help!

Using NCS (National CAD Standard)

If your firm is using American National CAD Standard (NCS), EPO Industry could be the best choice for you. Our engineers have been familiar with using NCS for Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry for many years. Let’s contact us right today so that we can support you on next project

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