Outsourcing Traffic Engineering Services

Precision outsourcing traffic engineering services and transportation planning studies are critical to Master Plans as they often dictate the need for additional roadway infrastructure and zoning control. This is why a growing number of clients look to EPO Industry for our long-standing reliability and expertise.

Equally vital to the safe and effective movement of vehicles along a roadway or within a parking lot is traffic engineering design. Whether you are planning for a new traffic signal, signage, or garage circulation pattern, EPO Industry is ready to provide expert roadway and parking lot design assistance.

As a specialized traffic engineering outsourcing services, EPO Industry took part in offering an elevated level of traffic expertise to our clients. We are a small, flexible firm dedicated to serving you and your traffic needs.

Outsourcing Traffic Engineering Services
Outsourcing Traffic Engineering Services

long-standing reliability & expertise

Traffic Engineering Studies

EPO Industry have dedicated ourselves to providing superior outsourcing traffic engineering services to our clients. Our staff is made up entirely of traffic and transportation experts that have dedicated their careers specifically to traffic engineering. Our traffic expertise spans a wide range of study types and our staff has the experience to prepare tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Traffic Engineering Design

At the core of our consulting services, we have in-house expertise to prepare design plans for installations and modifications, while considering safety and efficiency of the transportation system.  Our traffic engineers evaluate each design project from a constructability perspective to ensure that the design solutions are customized and implementable.

Transportation Planning

Our planning professionals help develop implementable solutions that support livable communities and meet your stakeholders’ needs.  Our planning process considers technical, socio-economic, and environmental elements, as well as accounts for public input and government policies.  Our outsourcing traffic engineering could ensure that transportation infrastructure is adequately planned to support their vision for growth and quality of service.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Smarter traffic means safer, more efficient transportation. EPO Industry  took part in integrating intelligent transportation solutions into traffic systems of all sizes and complexities, enhancing commutes. We understand the difficulties of assimilating ITS into existing systems and believe the best way to execute these projects is by tailoring each task to the specific need of the client.

Traffic Operations

Moving traffic safely and efficiently while meeting the needs of drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians is a challenge and requires specialized application of traffic operations engineering.  Most of our engineers have been working with Traffic Engineers who hold Professional Traffic Operations Engineer certification.  Our engineers could evaluate complex traffic problems and developed advance traffic operations solutions

Special Services

As a multimodal outsourcing traffic engineering services, EPO Industry’s goal is to help consulting firm in US as well as other countries could solve elements of transportation in our communities. We took part in evaluate traffic and transportation engineering from various perspectives, making transportation safer for all users whether in a car, on foot, a bike, or using a wheel chair.

why clients choose us

Specialized Expertise

We live and breathe traffic. Our engineers have worked with many firms in the industry giving us the knowledge and ability to focus on the details that make projects excellent. 

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Tailored Solutions

No two projects are alike. We provide customized products tailored specifically to your needs. Our philosophy of doing the right thing – the right way – the first time saves our clients time and money.

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Responsive Client Services

Our clients are our greatest priority. We operate based on the principle that frequent and pro-active communication with the client is paramount

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Sample Traffic Engineering

Capacity Analyses
Feasibility Studies
Master Planning
& Zoning
Site Development
& Access
Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies
Traffic Forecasting
Traffic Impact
Traffic Signal
Warrant Analyses

Sample Traffic Design

Conceptual Geometric
Lighting Plans
Pavement Marking
Signing Plans
Traffic Control
Traffic Signal
Sample Traffic Design

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