Created Great 3D Models with InfraWorks and Civil 3D

InfraWorks is a wonderful software which design engineers can conceptualize, optimize, and visualize infrastructure projects—all in the context of the built and natural environment.

We can also optimize design and communicate with immersive visualizations:

  • Evaluate design alternatives based on realistic proposals.
  • Use analysis and simulation tools to explore important aspects of your project.
  • Generate compelling and immersive visual experiences to communicate design intent.


Last year, we completed a land development project in South Carolina. We created a 3D model by using the InfraWorks and Civil 3D software with assumed information. The client kindly allowed us to share it as our sample project.
Our client wanted to have a 3D model of the project to show parties in meetings. The client also wanted to use it for marketing uses as well as increase the added value for our design.


We used Civil 3D and InfraWorks to create the 3D model for the client. At the preliminary phase, we create design concepts for the client’s choice. We came up with the roadway plan and profiles to determine initial elevations. We also used Civil 3D to create the rough grading so that we can provide a basic estimate of earthwork quantity to the client. Furthermore, we used Parcel features of Civil 3D to figure out the preliminary lot layouts.
In the next phases, we actualized the model when we have more information from the drawing set. We exported the “shp” objects from Civil 3D onto Infrawork software. We also inserted other 3D objects from the 3D library from the internet to make the 3D model more illustrative. We always update the 3D model whenever the design changes.


As a result, we had the 3D model for the client to show in the meeting with other parties. They were very happy with the work. Other parties can figure out the project changes with ease. They really appreciated the value which our client has brought.

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