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When working with some clients who don’t use Civil 3D often, EPO Team will create the proposed surface using grade labels like spot elevations and slops. These grades often were calculated by the clients by hand or their tools without creating any surface model. This way, they may have to spend much time when there is need cross-sections or changes in designs. However, when we create the proposed surface in that way, we often discover unreasonable parameters in the grades. Using the surface style of 0.1 and 0.5 contours intervals, we can figure out the mistakes of contours draw by hand with ease.

Created proposed surface from grade labels 2
An example of grade labels
  • The challenge here is the changes or corrections may be found. In most cases, we have to deal with the clients about the difference in their calculations and what they can see in the 3D model. Some changes may need approvals from other parties which can cause the delay.
  • Another case is the contours generated by computer aid may not run smoothly like sketched by hand. We may have to adjust the model in civil 3D so that the grading plan could be similar to the sketches.


To solve the challenges, we will use feature lines, grading tools in Civil 3D to create the model. We will also use the surface style of 0.1 and 0.5 intervals to observe the contours changes.
We use Civil 3D label styles to show actual spot elevations and grades. From there, we can point out unreasonable things for the clients for their considerations. We may come up with some ideas to make the model looks better..


As a result, we created a good proposed surface for the client. Next, we use the data shortcut feature to insert the surface to the grading plan sheet. You can reference our post about data shortcuts in Civil 3D. Then, we update actual grades in the grading plan with ease. Whenever we update the surface, the grade labels will be automatically changed from now. We can save a lot of time for redo tasks.
For these, we can create cross-sections through the model at any place we want. Below are some examples:

Created proposed surface from grade labels cross sections
Cross sections created from the proposed surface

If you’re still questioning if outsourcing works for you, here are some surefire signs to tell you it’s time to outsource:

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  • You Have More Work Than Time
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