Speed and Simplify the plan production with SSM

sheet set manager in civil 3D
SSM (Sheet sets Manager) are one the most powerful features in AutoCAD/ Civil 3D software of Autodesk

A sheet set is an organized collection of sheets from several to hundred of drawing files. Sheet set is the primary deliverable for most design groups. Sets of drawings communicate the overall design intent of a project and provide the documentation and specifications for the project.

With SSM, we can open sheets on the plan set quickly, print the whole project sheets with a click, create the sheet index table automatically and other wonderful things with SSM. Let’s discover it with EPO Industry.


When EPO Industry works on big projects, we can handles a plan sheet with hundreds of sheets. Sheets can be located in different locations. For such projects, we need to come up with ways to address common needs:

  • Ability of access any sheet on the plan sheet quickly.
  • Be able to update automatically general information such as Project name, Job number, parties’ information, etc.
  • Be able to create a sheet index table on Cover sheet automatically
  • Be Able to plot the whole plan set without opening individual sheet.
  • Be able to manage, arrange the sheets better.


With SSM, we can resolve above issues easily and effectively.

The first sheet in a sheet set (Cover Sheet) will usually be a title sheet that includes a description of the sheet set and a table that lists all the sheets in the sheet set. You can create this table with ease, called a sheet list table, on an open sheet. The table automatically includes all the sheets in the sheet set. Once a sheet list table is created, you also have options to edit, update, or delete the cell content of the table.

From the SSM, you can easily publish an entire sheet set, a subset of a sheet set, or a single sheet. It is quicker to publish a sheet set in the Sheet Set Manager than to use the Publish dialog box. When you publish from the Sheet Set Manager, you can publish an electronic sheet set by publishing to a DWF, DWFx, or PDF file. You can also publish a paper set by publishing to the plotter named in the page setup that is associated with each drawing sheet.

More advancing, you can create fields with two levels: effective on the whole set or just on a particular sheet. The fields will automatically change when we update the property of the SSM.


In EPO Industry’s experience, the plan productivity can be improved significantly by using SSM, especially in big civil engineering projects. We can minimize redo activities by using fields inserted on each sheet. We can perform a PDF plot with a click. We can open, rename any sheet without open it. What a wonderful things SSM can bring to us to improve the design process.

If you’re still questioning if outsourcing works for you, here are some surefire signs to tell you it’s time to outsource:

  • Your Employees Cannot Handle Certain Tasks
  • Your Project Budget Gets Tighter
  • You Have More Work Than Time
  • Your Managers Are Overloaded
  • You Have Irregular Tasks to Do

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